Getting Started - Moderation

To support writing assessment we have built an online tool to help facilitate moderation discussions.


Create moderation files

You can create files to share in three ways.

Share moderation files

Once you have moderation files to share, you can easily invite teachers in your own school or colleagues from other schools via the cover page.

Learn how to invite a teacher to your moderation files.


Run a discussion and mark a conclusion

  • Allow teachers to view the folders in their own time, ahead of an agreed deadline, or as part of an online discussion with video to support.
  • Encourage teachers to leave comments, referencing whole samples or an individual piece. 
  • Mark a conclusion easily once the discussion is complete. This will be clearly marked on the cover sheet, in the discussion window and also a notification will be sent to all those invited to the folder.

Save the folder

Once you have finished using a moderation folder you can close the folder so that no further comments can be left. All contributors will be informed that a conclusion has been made.

Folders will be saved in your ‘My files’ area and also the “Schools’ area. 

You can also benchmark folders so that they can be used in your school as a point of reference alongside the exemplification materials uploaded by the Pobble team.