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How do I upgrade / add Moderation or Teaching and Learning to my subscription?

Looking to add Moderation or Teaching and Learning to your existing subscription? Here's how!

Log in and head to your membership page.



To upgrade, scroll further down and click 'choose plan' under the additional subscription you would like. Your current subscription will be greyed out and highlighted as 'active'. In this instance, we will upgrade from a T&L to a T&L + Mod subscription. 



Your revised order will be shown. Please note the 'pay now' amount and the date and amount of the next charge when renewing.



Check all is correct, then click 'Proceed to checkout' and complete the payment process (you will be invoiced again)

Finally, head back to your membership page which will show your upgraded, 'active' subscription - in this case, all three!



If you would like to downgrade your subscription, please get in touch with us at hello@pobble.com.