I'm not receiving emails from Pobble

Please follow these suggestions.

1. Search for the title of the email, such as "Daily Pobble 365 Presentation" or "Pobble" as a key word.

2. Check your spam / junk folder. If it’s there, mark it as NOT SPAM so that it will not be filtered as spam in the future.

3. Add @pobble.com to your contact list.

4. Check with your school IT administrator. There may be a firewall that is blocking the Pobble domain or emails from marketing services such as Mailchimp or Mixpanel on your school network.

5. Check which email you used to originally register with Pobble. Has this changed recently? You can easily update your email address in your account.

*Not received any Daily Pobble 365 Presentation emails yet? Please ensure you have logged in to Pobble in the last 30 days - this will activate the sequence and they should start coming through.

Get in touch with us if you continue to experience issues.