Getting Started - Schools

9 steps to setting up and embedding Pobble in your school


1. Process your invoice - once a school sale is made (via the platform, or via a group / LA deal), an invoice may be issued directly to your school. If not paid centrally by a group / LA, or by the school's credit/debit card, please process the invoice for payment promptly.



2. Add your Administrator - you can have up to two school administrators (admins) in Pobble and they are responsible for setting up your school (adding teachers and pupils). Your admin may have been set as your school secretary or an English Leader, but you can easily change the admin or add additional colleagues to this role from your school team page.

Even if you choose to add additional admins, we recommend you activate your secretary's Pobble account incase your other admins leave the school and you need to assign new admins later. 




3. Inform and add your colleagues - the next step is to inform your colleagues that they are about to receive a Pobble account.

Then, your admin can invite your colleagues to Pobble via your Team Page. As a Pobble School, you can add unlimited colleagues, so feel free to add teachers, TAs etc but please keep this list up to date if teachers leave etc.


Add their email address in the field on the bottom right and click "add a teacher'.


Once added, they will receive an invitation to register with an activation code, valid for a week. You can tell that your colleagues have activated their accounts as their names will show on your team page. They will show as 'pending' otherwise.

For more details, see How do I add my colleagues to my school?


Note - staff from your school may have previously registered for a free Pobble account. They will already appear in your Team Page and will not receive an invite email.

Please inform those staff members that their account status has changed and they now have full access to Pobble. 

If their account has been inactive for a while they may require a password reset.


If your Team Page includes staff that are no longer at your school please remove them for security reasons.

How do I remove colleagues no longer at my school?



4. Add pupils and groups - the simplest and securest way to add your pupils and groups to Pobble is to sync your MIS with Pobble through our data partner Wonde.

Head to 'add pupils' and click 'Connect with Wonde' and follow the instructions. Please ensure you retire any pupils that you may have previously added manually to avoid any clashes.


Please note this will also sync ALL the pupils and groups in your MIS, so there is no need to manually create groups. However, you can still create additional manual groups if you wish.



Wonde integration - getting started (pdf produced by Wonde)


How do I sync my MIS with Pobble? (detailed guide, including how to exclude specific pupils via Wonde's access control tool)

If you require any assistance when logged into Wonde, please email  and this will create a ticket with their school facing teams.

Once approval has been given by Wonde (look out for an email), your pupils should be synced within the next 2-4 hours. 


Alternatively, you can add pupils individually or by uploading a .csv, then create your groups manually in the My Pupils area.

How do I add my pupils to Pobble via csv?

How do I create groups for my pupils? 



5. Inform your parents  - one of Pobble's most unique and exciting features is the ability to publish and celebrate pupils' work on your own school Pobble page.

Since this means pupils' work can be viewed (anonymously) by registered users outside of your school, we ask that you inform parents prior to taking this step. You can do this by sending them one of our pre-written letters.  

More details are here on how to inform parents about publishing.


Please note, parental permission is NOT a legal requirement for using Pobble and you may well already have this covered under your existing IT policies. However, we recommend communicating clearly with your parents so that they engage more with supporting their child in using Pobble. 

You can use all other aspects of Pobble (everything aside from publishing) without engaging with parents if you choose to. 


6. Activate publishing 

Once you have informed parents, or checked that you are covered under your existing IT policies, you can activate publishing for your pupils. Simply select pupils in your 'My Pupils' dashboard, click the 3 dot 'Action' button and select "Add permission to publish". You can do this individually or in bulk via clicking 'All'. Pupils that have permission to publish will have a green tick in the permission column on your My Pupils page.

They are now ready to become published authors!



You can also remove permission via this same method.

For more details, please see our article on activating permission via a checkbox.


7. Link your parents

Parents can connect with their child's account on Pobble, enabling them to receive an email every time their child's work is published. To connect your parents, simply provide your parents with their unique 'parent code' by navigating to your My Pupils page, selecting the relevant pupils and selecting 'export pupil/parent codes' from the 3 dot action button.

Parents can register directly for Pobble and then input their parent code on their account page.

How can a teacher link a pupil to a parent?

How does a parent activate their code?


Fantastic! You are now all set up. We recommend reviewing your Team Page, pupil lists and assigned Pobble admins every term to keep your records up to date.


*Questions regarding privacy or GDPR? Visit our legal pages or download an example school DPIA for Pobble here.

If you need any further set up support, please contact Tom at


8. Training

Like all new initiatives it is really important that Pobble is introduced in the right way.

Head to our Training Page where you can watch short videos on Pobble resources, Pupil tools, Publishing and Moderation. Perfect for staff meetings!

You can also book onto a CPD webinar or Pobble staff meeting at your convenience.


9. Action Plan

We highly recommend that you develop a clear Pobble routine for your school. Below is an example routine, developed by many of our schools which can be incorporated into your school development plan and writing action plan.

We have converted the below routine into a lesson you can view, save, share or download!


Develop a Pobble routine that works!

  • Encourage regular use of Pobble lesson resources, including Pobble 365, Pobble News, the Pobble Writing Bank and our Pobble lessons
  • Where IT allows, ensure pupils have regular opportunities to use their pupil logins. This can be to access lessons, upload work, peer and self assess writing or to access example texts
  • Create a weekly routine for publishing which would usually involve recognising the work of 2-5 pupils per class. Celebrate their work on the Pobble site, reward them with certificates, lanyards or stickers, or run a whole school celebration assembly!
  • Introduce termly opportunities for online moderation. You can create benchmarked files to support your school's internal moderation practises, or use Pobble to remotely moderate with other schools in your cluster or school group.

If need any further training support contact Tom at