How can I un-publish or delete work?

If a parent, for example, wants a piece of work removed, you can un-publish a piece of work in the pupil's profile.

Click 'My Pupils' in the header.


Select your pupil - you can search for their name


Click the pupils name to bring up their profile


Next, choose 'Work' in the tabs at the top of the pupil's profile and select one (or several) pieces of work using the tick boxes on the left-hand-side. Click the action button, which is the one with three dots ('...') and click "Delete work' if the work has not yet been published.


You will be asked to confirm, then the work will be deleted.

If the work has been published previously, it will be have a green tick next to it. Repeat the steps via to first "un-publish" the work and then delete it if required.