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How do I apply a coupon code?

How to add a coupon code when purchasing a Pobble school or individual subscription.


Note - if purchasing an individual subscription, you will be prompted to register or sign first if not already done so.

You can purchase a whole school subscription without the need to register or log in.



Once signed up/in, select your chosen plan on either your membership page or the pricing page.



On the first order screen, select 'apply coupon'



Enter your coupon code and click the arrow.



You will then be asked to input your billing details.



Payment options will appear and you can complete your transaction.


Please note if paying by credit card you are required to input your bank details at checkout for the transaction to proceed.

You can select cheque or bank transfer as alternatives.

Please note an invoice will be generated for all payment methods and emailed to you.



Finally, review the order summary and edit any information you require.  Then click 'Subscribe'.



Any questions please email us at hello@pobble.com.