How do I generate a pupil passcode?

Your pupils will need a pupil login code to access Pobble. By default, we offer a four digit passcode - however, if required, a more complex 8 character passcode can be chosen. These are automatically generated after your pupils have been added.

NOTE: this functionality is only accessible for school admins/leaders via their school settings page.


First, head to 'add pupils' and then click 'change pupil passcode complexity' at the bottom of the screen.



You will be presented with two options

- 4 digit passcode. These are easier to remember for pupils and allow for an easier sign in process.

- 8 character passcode. These adhere to more stringent regulations (such as ST4S) and are more secure. However, they are harder for pupils to remember, making the pupil sign in process more challenging.



Next, if you would like to change the complexity, confirm you are sure by clicking 'change'.



Your passcodes will appear in the passcode column on the right hand side of your pupil list, (after pupils have been added) for you to distribute or print.


Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 12.53.03