How does Pobble keep users safe online?

Pobble is designed and built with safety and security in mind. We maintain the following measures to ensure that users stay safe online.

• Review of comments – All comments which are submitted by users other than teachers are reviewed by the Pobble team before they are visible on the platform to ensure they are appropriate.

• Teacher status confirmation – We confirm the identity of all teachers who sign up to the platform before assigning them with teacher status. The status provides them with access to functionality such as commenting without moderation and the sharing of writing.

• No hidden platform areas – All parts of the platform are viewable by teachers on behalf of their pupils. This means no private interactions of any kind can occur on Pobble.

• Handling of personal data – We only collect and store the personal data which is needed to provide an effective service. This is defined in detail within our Terms of service and complies with GDPR.

• Technical infrastructure – We use the latest technology to run Pobble. Data safety and security is a key consideration when improving the functionality and architecture of the site.

• CRB checks – Every member of our team holds an up-to-date CRB certificate. We'd be happy to discuss any part of this in more detail.

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