How do I print a resource or download to pdf?

How to generate a pdf and print your resources via the resource preview or your lesson builder.

With a Pobble Free account you can download and print up to three Presentations absolutely free!

To download more, you will need our Teaching and Learning subscription - find out more on our pricing page.


Head to our Discover page and search for the lesson you would like to print. Click 'preview'.



Click 'use now' on the bottom right.



This will bring up the Lesson editor. Make any edits you wish, then click 'Share' and 'Print/PDF'.



You will be able to print or generate a "pdf" for your use.




Note - the display / options to generate a pdf and print may differ from the above screenshot and will depend on your printer settings.


You can now also print (and present) from directly inside your Saved Resources. Simply click the printer icon.