Can we buy a school subscription?

Your whole teaching team can access Pobble's inspiring writing content with a school subscription.

You can purchase Teaching and Learning and moderation subscriptions for all your staff members billed centrally to your school or organisation.

How much does a whole-school Pobble subscription cost?

For our up-to-date pricing and offers, please visit the pricing page.

Why buy for your school?

Any teacher you add will be able to access all our Pobble writing prompts, including Pobble 365, weekly writes and the cross-curricular topic writes. 


We already have a writing scheme, would we use this instead of or alongside our current plans?

Pobble is not a writing scheme but is an amazing resource to support the teaching of writing, Many schools also use Pobble content to support their Big Writes or alongside Talk for Writing and other schemes. Pobble is flexible and has the tools and content to support any approach to the teaching of writing.


How much support do we get to introduce Pobble in our school?

We're here to support you in embedding Pobble into your school. We provide you with set-up support and can offer training for your team. We also provide a knowledge base, including video guides and resources to support you to launch Pobble effectively.


Can I see the evidence that Pobble works?

Our research study with UCL’s Educate programme shows that Pobble reduces teacher lesson planning time by 39% and improves pupils' speed, confidence and enjoyment of writing, leading to improved attainment. You can read our research report here.

You can also read our independent reviews on Edtech Impact here.