Our school network blocks images and/or pages on Pobble?

Images or pages may not load on Pobble due to your school network firewall settings. Please advise your network administrator of the following information.

Firewall allow-list

In order to make the pobble.com platform work, these urls must be unblocked from your firewall:

  • pobble.com   (naked domain)
  • *.pobble.com (wildcard - e.g. anything.pobble.com )

If your firewall policy requires more strict rules, here is the list of the URLs required:

Please note that new required subdomains under .pobble.com domain may be added in future.

HTTP Methods

List of HTTP methods used by platform:  HEAD POST PUT GET  DELETE and PATCH.
Please make sure your firewall is not blocking these HTTP methods of communication.

Platform headers

Ideally please do not block any headers coming from app.pobble.com towards api.pobble.com.

Platform cookies

The platform uses cookies to store JWT token for authentication of users.