What is the difference between a free account and a premium subscription?

As well as premium subscriptions we also offer a free account. Most users begin with a free account then access a free trial or purchase a premium subscription.

With a free account you get access to:
  • Each day's Pobble 365 image. This can be used on the selected day and can also be edited and shared with pupils
  • A selected weekly write
  • A chosen topic lesson
  • Our children's writing bank
  • Moderation files you are invited to
As a premium Teaching and Learning subscriber you get:
  • Access to every P365 day whenever you would like to use them
  • All our weekly writes
  • All our age specific topic lessons
  • Our selected writing examples from the children's writing bank
  • Ability to edit, print and share any content
  • Publishing space for your children
As a premium Moderation subscriber you can:
  • create and share your own moderation files
  • create school writing samples
  • access Pobble writing samples

If your individual premium subscription expires, or your school stops subscribing to Pobble, you will still maintain a free Pobble account with the same login details.