Why do we ask for parental permission before allowing pupils to use Pobble?

Pobble is a safe platform for children to use. Consequently, we readily comply with the associated legalities.

It is integral that the parents of the children who use Pobble are aware of and are familiar with the platform and the benefits it may have on their child's education. Parents will always maintain the opportunity to speak up if they have concerns. Following clear legal guidance, we believe that the safest, most compliant and correct way to operate Pobble is by asking for specific permission from a parent or carer for every child's account. This can be provided in two ways:

• Via the parent's email address provided by the school, confirming agreement to our Terms of Use.

• Via a paper form provided by each school, which is then attached to the child's account and verified by their teacher.

By giving their consent, parents and carers grant us the right to hold personal data about their child such as their name, school and their year group. This is defined specifically in the Terms of Use. It also covers the commercial aspect of content shared on Pobble. These steps protect the child, parent, teacher, school and Pobble collectively, which is consistent with our philosophy that online user safety is paramount to our community. 

Please also visit our Parents Page for more information.


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