How do I share a moderation file?

Invite your colleagues via email to contribute to moderation files, quickly and easily.

Take a look at our blog post "Moderating writing online with Pobble."



Once you have created an moderation file, you can share this with your teaching colleagues for their contributions.

Click on the child's name in your pupil list to bring up their profile.



Then select "Assessment portfolio" and click the blue action button to bring up the option to "invite contributor".



You will be prompted to type in your colleagues' email address. Once done, click "send invitation".



Your colleague will receive an email to open and contribute to the moderation file.



Once they click on this link, they will have access to the file (if registered) and show up on the cover of the assessment file. They can contribute in the discussion box underneath. Further colleagues can be invited from the "invite button" in the top right.