How do I upload and publish work on Pobble?

Publishing work on Pobble is quick, easy and inspirational for your pupils! It can also be uploaded and saved internally to an evidence bank for your staff to assess and moderate.

Please note to publish work or save to evidence you need a "Pobble For My Class" subscription or be part of a Pobble School.

First, head to "Teaching tools" and click "upload writing".



Next, your pupil list will appear. Simply search for a name or select a group and click "Upload".



Select the piece of work you would like to upload. If using a desktop, you need to save the photographs of the work to your computer first to access.

For mobile, you should be able to access your camera roll / gallery.



Check if you are happy with the photograph, add any additional pages or rotate if required. Once happy, click "Done".



The "save writing" menu will appear. By default, the work will be saved in the pupil's evidence bank so you can use it internally for moderation purposes. You can choose to publish the work to your school page, leave a comment, and add a title, description or any tags to aid your search.

Once happy, click "Save writing".



Your work will be saved to evidence and, if selected, published on your school page for the world to see!


Don't forget, once work has been saved to evidence, you can then create an assessment file containing that work and invite your colleagues to moderate.