Getting Started - Pupil Tools

Setting up your class, creating pupil logins, launching with your class and classroom activities.

See a demo of the pupil tools 

For a quick introduction into how to send a lesson to your pupils and enable self and peer assessment, check out this short video.



Set up

To use our pupil tools you must have set up your class/school on Pobble. 

Adding pupils via Wonde (syncing your MIS)

Adding pupils via .csv


The pupils will all need a pupil login code to access Pobble. You will find these on your ‘My Pupils page’ once the pupils have been added.

How do I find / print my pupil codes?



We recommend running a short session to introduce pupil logins to your class. To help we have built a lesson for you. Open the lesson here.


Classroom activities

Once children are confident in logging in, they can use Pobble pupil logins in a number of ways to support their learning.

In addition to the above activities, which can be used in school or at home, we have provided a set of pupil activity cards with 20 additional classroom activities