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How do I purchase Pobble?

Choose an individual or whole school subscription to access Pobble365+, publishing, pupil tools, moderation access and more!


Click 'Buy Now" under your chosen option.

Schools will be taken directly to the purchasing process.

Individuals will be prompted to register and/or log in. Next, cick "Upgrade" in the top banner or head to "My Subscription" in your profile menu - these options take you to your Membership page. 

In this case, we have an Individual subscription.



Next, choose between 'Annually and save' or 'Monthly' payments.

Click 'Buy now' under the subscription you require. 




This will take you to the individual or whole school purchase process. The first step is where you can apply a coupon if you have one.



If you have a coupon code, please follow these instructions to apply and complete your order.


You will be taken through the checkout process where you complete your billing details and choose a payment method.  An invoice will be generated and emailed to you for all options.



Please also note individual subscriptions are set to auto-renew, so do keep checking back in to your membership page regularly to see how long you have left!



A reminder to head to our school pricing page, click 'buy now' under your chosen subscription and follow the checkout steps.


You will have the option to pay via credit card immediately, cheque or bank transfer, where you will be sent an invoice to pay at your convenience.


NEW - For school Teaching and Learning subscriptions, you also have the option to purchase via our tiered pricing.

It's now even easier and more affordable to allow more teachers in your school to access Pobble!

Once your order is complete we will also ask you for further details to guide set up.

These include a key contact to assign as your Pobble admin, a billing contact and a list of colleagues you would like adding to Pobble based on the number of seats you have purchased.


Fantastic - now it's time to get started! Look out for a welcome email from us and check out the guides below.


Getting started - Schools

Getting started - Individuals