The role of a Pobble admin

Pobble Administrators are responsible for managing your school data on Pobble.

The first teacher in your school will automatically be a Pobble Administrator for the school's Pobble account. This role can be reassigned if you wish.

Only members of staff designated as Pobble Admins can;

How do I re-assign the admin role?

-Click your account icon in the top right hand corner of the screen

-Click "School settings" from the dropdown

- Add your colleagues (if they are not already added) by typing their email addresses in the "invite a teacher box" and assign as an admin.





We would recommend limiting the number of Pobble Administrators in your school and keeping this updated as staff change.


Note - If a member of your team has previously registered on Pobble they may already be assigned as Pobble admin. If they are still at your school they can re-assign the role to you by following the instructions above.


If you need further support assigning your admin please contact us at