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Getting Started with Moderation - Groups, MATs and LAs

How to set up Pobble Moderation for schools in your group, MAT or local authority (group).

Many groups are already working with Pobble to provide essential tools to support writing moderation and the teaching, learning and assessment of writing to their schools. 

Contact us at hello@pobble.com to find out more about our options for school groups. 


Steps to set up you and your schools in Pobble:

  • Process your invoice - you will receive an invoice detailing the package you have bought, the number of schools and the agreed price per school. Please check the invoice details, ensure it is addressed to the right person and confirm any additional requirements (such as registering Pobble as an approved supplier for your group). We will commence set up once the invoice is issued.

  • Activate your LA Pobble School account - we will set up a Pobble School + Moderation Group account for your central team. We will then add you as an administrator, and you will receive an email inviting you to complete your own Pobble registration (if required). Once registered, invite your colleagues so they can also register and log in.
  • Provide us with your school list - please email us with a CSV list of your schools to add, including the following: school name, address and postcode, URN, DfE number, key contact email address and the school admin/office email address. Here is a CSV template with the required columns for your convenience.

    This key contact and admin/office will be assigned as Pobble admins for each school. The key contact should be the person leading on Pobble in the school (english lead, assessment lead or Head/SLT), and the school office/admin will be responsible for coordinating aspects of the school set up (for example, connecting Wonde to sync pupil data with Pobble). 

  • Communicate with your schools - before we add school key contacts and office/admins, please send them the email below informing them to expect the invitation from Pobble and providing instructions on how to set up their school. We recommend you CC  any other relevant parties, such as the head teachers, english leaders, assessment leaders etc. Please also CC tom@pobble.com in this email so we know when to start inviting admins. 

  • We will add your schools and invite administrators - once we have your school list and you have communicated with your schools, we will start adding the admins. They will receive an email with a link to activate their account. They can then follow the School Getting Started page to set up their accounts and the Moderation set up guide for school leaders
    to launch Pobble in their school!
  • Book training for your team and for your schools - see below

    Training - for your team

    Before launching Pobble moderation with your schools we recommend that you book in two mandatory training sessions with the Pobble team for your teams:

    • Session 1 - using Pobble moderation (1 hour)
    • Session 2 - an introduction to Pobble's Teaching and Learning tools (1 hour)

    These sessions will ensure that all members of your team who lead moderation sessions or visit schools are aware of how Pobble can support them. The training will also support you with setting up your approach to online moderation, including support with running your first moderation training sessions with your schools.

    Book your two 1 hour training sessions here


    Training - for your schools

    We recommend running a joint 1 hour launch session for Pobble with your schools. The session will provide a general introduction to Pobble, a demo of the moderation tool and an insight into the Teaching and Learning tools available. We recommend sessions are set up in line with the current training events that you offer for your schools with the Pobble team being invited in as guest hosts.

    We would encourage you to ensure that all schools are represented at these events and would recommend targeting them at English leader, assessment lead and/or a member of SLT being the target audience.

    Book a 1 hour training session with Simon here


    Example email to send to your school key contacts and office/admins:

    Dear Key Contact Name,

    I am delighted to inform you that your school has been provided with a Group/Local Authority funded Pobble subscription to support the teaching of writing in your school and/or to support writing moderation activities.[DELETE AS APPROPRIATE]
    You will shortly receive an email from Pobble inviting you to activate your school’s account. If you have not received your invitation email within a week of receiving this email, please reply and CC tom@pobble.com and we will be in touch. 
    As the designated administrator for your school, please can you take 5 minutes to read Pobble’s School Getting Started Guide which outlines the simple steps required to set up your school. It also explains how you can assign admin rights to others in the school if required.
    In the meantime, here are the three main actions to get you started (all of which are detailed further in the guide):
    1. Inform your colleagues and invite them to your Pobble school - email your team with the suggested email in the School Getting Started Guide to inform them about Pobble, and then invite them to Pobble through your Pobble Team Page.
    2. Add your pupils - most schools sync. their pupil data with Pobble through Wonde. If you have Wonde already, simply ask your School Office or Wonde administrator to activate Pobble in Wonde's platform. If you do not have Wonde yet, you can activate the connection via the data tab in Pobble, or Wonde will reach out to your school office shortly to coordinate set up.
    3. Book Training - book your English Leader and other relevant SLT into free, group-specific Pobble training. [PROVIDE TRAINING AND BOOKING DETAILS FOR YOUR SESSIONS]. 
    If you require any support with set up, please refer to the School Getting Started Guide or contact Tom at Pobble tom@pobble.com
    As well as providing free access to Pobble's premium moderation subscription, your staff also have access to the free elements of Pobble's teaching and learning tools. More details about what is included can be found in Pobble's Pricing Page.
    As an award winning platform, supported by the Department for Education, we believe Pobble will be a great support for our moderation activities.  

    Kind regards,