Getting Started - Publishing

Pobble is a great platform for providing children with an audience and purpose for writing. Our tools make it easy to upload work and celebrate the writing with the world.


Choose work to upload

There are three ways to upload work to be published:

  • Upload writing as a teacher by taking a photograph or scanning a pupils book.
  • Approve work in the mark book area which has been uploaded by your pupils. 
  • Publish work previously saved in the evidence bank. 

Publish work for the world to see 

Once you have selected the work you would like to publish it is easy to share on your school page. You must have granted permission for the pupil to be published to make use of this tool.

For more information about publishing work and leaving your first comment check our publishing guide.


Celebrate your children’s achievements

We highly recommend celebrating the achievements of your published authors. To support this we have provided you with a selection of celebration materials including certificates, lanyards, display materials and a website badge.


Develop a routine

Our most successful Pobble schools develop a publishing routine.

We would recommend:

  • Choosing 2-5 pupils per class to be the published writers of the week.
  • Celebrating their achievements in assembly, including sharing your Pobble school page.

Handing out the Pobble lanyards so that children can proudly walk around school as your writers of the week.


Link your parents

Teachers can provide a unique 'parent code' so a parent can connect their Pobble account with their child. This allows the parent to view their child's writing and be notified when they are published!

The code is generated when a teacher first adds the pupil to Pobble. The parent then uses this code when they register themselves.

How can a teacher link a pupil to a parent?

How does a parent activate their code?